Membership application

There are a number of categories of CISVic membership which includes full and provisional membership; associate membership; and individual membership. Information provision is a core requirement for CISVic membership.

Benefits are many and varied.  Please take a look at our brochure for more detail - Benefits of Membership.

CISVic Rules 2013 - Rules of Incorporation.

One of the most attractive benefits of membership with CISVic is insurance cover.  Ours is through VMIA’s Community Service Organisation Insuran Program and covers:

  • Products & Products Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Medical Indemnity
  • Personal Accident
  • Volunteer Caregivers’ Property (limited circumstances only)
  • Directors & Officers Liability (includes entity liability and employment practices violation)
  • Entity Fidelity

Application process

  1. Application form is received with supporting documentation.
  2. Application is considered by the CISVic Board for approval, including any follow-up queries. Board meets every 2 months.
  3. Once approved, CISVic notifies DHS (CISVic’s funding body) of new membership.
  4. CISVic will notify VMIA of new member, and VMIA will issue Certificate of Currency.

Application documents

Membership Obligations Fact Sheet 

CISVic Associate Membership Application Form

Members' Profile Questionnaire

Membership Category Annual Fee    

Full/Provisional Member >$1M: $385   

Full/Provisional Member $100K-$1M: $330   

Full/Provisional Member <$100K: $220   

Associate Member (NFP): $330   

Associate Member (Corporate): $550   

Individual Member (Student/Concession): $55  

Individual Member (Other): $110   

Guest Member/Honorary Life Member: No fee applies


If you are interested in becoming a CISVic member, please send your expression of interest to