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CISVic agencies report increasing energy hardship

Community Information and Support Victoria executive director Kate Wheller said the impact of unaffordable utility costs for those on welfare, low incomes or in mortgage stress was shocking.

"Only last week an unemployed 55-year-old man in a share rental household said because his electricity bill was so high, if he hadn't got free fresh food he wouldn't be able to eat," Ms Wheller said.

"More and more you hear of people sitting in blankets with socks on and the heater off."

Student Placement Program continues at CISVic

CISVic is thrilled to annouce that the extremely successful Student Placement Program which was pilotted in 2012, will be funded again.

CISVic EO Kate Wheller and Sector Development Officer Minh Nguyen met with Minister Julie Collins in May this year to present the evaluation of the 2012 pilot. Overwhelmingly, this was a successful project which enhanced the capacity of CISVic agencies to deliver case work to ER clients with complex needs.

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