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CISVic recognises and celebrates the contribution of staff and volunteers in a range of ways.
This includes Long Service certificates for volunteers (5, 10, 15, 20, 25+ years), Recognition of Retiring Volunteer certificates, and the CISVic Honour Roll.
CISVic aims to recognise people who have made a significant contribution to the community information & support sector through their work at the local, regional and/or state level.

All workers (voluntary and paid) at member agencies will be eligible for nomination. This is not simply a long-service award.

We wholeheartedly congratulate the inductees and acknowledge their contributions. Their names are recorded for ever more on our Honour Roll.

2022 Honour Roll Inductees

Denise Budge

Knox Infolink

Denise has been the Centre Manager for Knox Infolink for 6 years and has been working in the community sector for over 30 years. Denise was the Manager at Eastern Community Legal Centre for over 9 years, Policy Officer for Financial and Consumer Rights Council for over 2 years and a manager at the Consumer and Tenants Resource Centre for over 15 years. Denise’s leadership has expanded the reach of Knox Infolink in the community through the development of new programs such as Connecting Kids and The Boronia Breakfast Program.

Denise has an inexhaustible love and loyalty for her family, friends and her care for the community knows no bounds. She is known for her work ethic, diligence, and dedication to whatever role she is doing and has been a committed and energetic leader who is forward thinking and represents both staff, clients, and the broader community.

Denise has implemented much needed processes and procedures and instructions for Knox Infolink ensuring their future and has promoted an inclusive and welcoming environment for both clients, staff, volunteers, and the community. Throughout the past 3 years during COVID Denise has gone the extra mile to ensure that ongoing face to face service has been provided to our vulnerable community. Her commitment to keeping up to date with the continued changes in COVID rules and restrictions is outstanding.

Denise has participated in many CISVic advocacy campaigns and her work on the current campaign for paid coordination hours has been outstanding. She works tirelessly to ensure that we provide a service to all in need, so that those who are vulnerable can attend and receive assistance based on assessment and their current situation. She is always looking at how we can improve and make sure we are reaching as many people as possible.

Merle Mitchell

Springvale Community Aid and Advice Bureau

Merle was born in Dandenong in 1934 and lived most of her life within that municipality. Her contribution to the community has been immense. As a lifelong advocate for equality, community and diversity, Merle was well-known by many people in her local community and far beyond for her grace, courage, and tireless advocacy. She was a voice for thousands of people whose voices were unheard and was widely known and respected for her achievements and lobbying at local, state, and federal levels.

She helped to establish and was the first Director of the Springvale Community Aid and Advice Bureau (SCAAB). She remained committed to SCAAB for more than 45 years and continued as the patron of South East Community Links following the merger of SCAAB, Dandenong Community Advisory Bureau (DCAB) and Southern Ethnic Advocacy and Advisory Council (SEAAC) in 2015. During her life, Merle also played a vital role in establishing the Springvale Neighbourhood House, the Family Mediation Centre and Springvale Monash Legal Service, along with kindergarten facilities and the Sandown Park Primary School.
Most recently, Merle was a strong advocate for the rights of older people living in aged care, particularly through the COVID pandemic.

Merle’s leadership in social justice has been recognised with a Member of the Order of Australia and a City of Greater Dandenong Living Treasure Award and today we are proud to honour Merle’s legacy and induct her to CISVic’s Honour Roll.

Pamela Capper

Southern Peninsula Community Support

Pamela Capper volunteered with Southern Peninsula Community Support in Rosebud continuously since August 2004, giving just over 17 ½ years to the organisation. Pam was a fabulous interviewer, tirelessly advocating for and supporting clients of the centre, finding that perfect balance of kindness, care, integrity, and professionalism. Pam was a real quiet achiever at our organisation, she got along with everyone, she was extremely non-judgemental in her approach and remained committed to social justice for all within our community. Her vast experience at the centre made her a wonderful mentor, patient with newcomers and generous with her time and wisdom, as well as an excellent colleague, willing to help other volunteers and staff with whatever was needed.

As well as interviewing clients, Pam volunteered on the agency’s offsite homelessness support program, SPLaSh (Southern Peninsula Laundry & Shower). In this role she was supporting many of the most marginalised people in the community, those who were rough sleeping and experiencing complex disadvantage. It’s not an easy program to work on, out in the weather all through the year, but Pam loved it, and was deeply appreciated by the paid staff, volunteers and clients of the program.

Pam was extremely respectful of client privacy and of self-determination. She was gentle in her approach and good at providing all the options to clients, while supporting them to make their own decisions. With her natural non-judgmental approach Pam always remained impartial. On the SPLaSh program in particular she worked with many clients with challenging behaviours, mental health issues and harmful alcohol or other drug use and remained calm and supportive at all times. She had an excellent understanding of disadvantage and trauma, and this informed her excellent client work.

Pam served on the Board for three years and was President for a period as well, her calm but firm approach was very valuable in this role. Respect, trust and connection formed the basis of all Pam’s interactions with clients and her colleagues. She embodied the values of our organisation and, we believe, of CISVic as well, a shining example of how to support clients with empathy and integrity in the community support sector. Pam only finished working at SPCS in February this year when she could no longer physically continue. She died in July 2022, and she is very sadly missed by all.

2021 Honour Roll Inductees

Bernadette Allen

At the time of nomination, Bernadette had been a volunteer with Monash Oakleigh Community Support and Information Service (MOCSIS) for 16 years, ten of which she was President. Having Bernadette as President for ten years, ensured stability and a reputation of an organisation that is capable and manages its affairs with great competence. During her time at MOCSIS, Bernadette has instilled a model of respect and warmth for the volunteers and the clients who come to for support. It is instilled into volunteers that we respect the clients, that we show empathy and not value judge. Privacy and respect are at the heart of everything we strive to achieve.

Bernadette has guided and represented MOCSIS through her wide network of community contacts and the respect that is felt for her work in the agency and the community more broadly. She has been recognised for her work with MOCSIS and the community with a Caroline Chisholm Volunteer award. This award was in recognition of volunteers within the Electorate of Chisholm. In 2015 she was awarded the Sir John Monash Volunteer of the year award. This award from Monash City Council was an overall recognition that through all categories of volunteer awards, she was ranked the highest.

  • Bernadette is widely known in the community for her tireless volunteer work over many years.
  • Bernadette volunteered for Vinnies Op shop in Pinewood for 20 years.
  • Bernadette sits on the homelessness group convened by Monash Council, representing MOCSIS

2019 Honour Roll Inductees

Susan Magee

Casey North Community Information & Support Service

Susan pioneered establishment of Casey North CISS in 1997 and under her leadership it has grown in size and scope. She remains instrumental in ensuring the service remains place-based and innovative. Susan has created a strong team with a core ethos of respect and social justice, with the client front and centre of everything she does.

Susan actively supports both the local and state-wide sector. She participates in the Western Port Regional CIC network and has served on the CISVic board (as President, Vice-President and Honorary Secretary), generously sharing her knowledge and skills. She is a strong, passionate advocate who lobbies local, state and federal government at every opportunity, and she has prepared many compelling reports for various government enquiries on related matters. She does that while maintaining effective working relationships.

Her work encompasses ongoing liaison with representatives from all levels of government with whom she has strong working relationships. Susan is a Leadership Victoria Community Leadership Program alumni and intends to mentor other community leaders.

Susan’s continuing high output of published materials for use by clients ensures that her communities are always up to date in developments and advice. They empower clients by ensuring they have access to accurate and current information and resources.

Pam Young

Uniting, East Burwood

Pam joined the East Burwood centre is 2000 and over the next 19 years her leadership contributed to significant expansion of the service. Pam has diversified and expanded the service offerings to respond to community needs and her tireless approach to support the day to day operations of the centre has been enormously valued by her team and clients. The welfare of the clients, volunteers and staff has always been Pam’s priority and ensured that the environment is both efficient and friendly.

She has been active at both the local and regional level, building strong relationships with local services, government representatives and the broader sector. Her enduring connections with local school, churches and other agencies have enabled her to both increasing the agencies profile and its impact.

Pam has consistently upheld the high standards expected of a CISVic agency, leading an agency that is both loved and trust by all stakeholders.

Lyndell O’Brien

Bayside Community Information & Support Service

Lyndell has been a volunteer at BAYCISS since 1998 and during this time, she served 14 years on the committee of management in various roles; President, Vice-President and Secretary. During this time on the committee, Lyndell played a major role in the successful amalgamation of the 3 local centres that can together to form BAYCISS. She has been instrumental in raising and maintaining the profile of the agency while at the same time working tirelessly to provide individual support to the most vulnerable people in the local community.

Lyndell’s experience and knowledge have assisted in the identification of emerging community needs and she has incredible knowledge about local services and supports. She is a loyal, honest and focussed volunteer who continues to support and mentor new volunteers. She is described as a ‘fierce advocate’ for the most vulnerable members of the community and displays outstanding compassion and empathy in her practice.

Her work ethic and approach to clients and fellow workers reflect the standards of CISVic and she is a great example to others.

2018 Honour Roll Inductees

Alan Roberts

Whittlesea Community Connections

Alan Roberts has been a volunteer at Whittlesea Community Connections for over 10 years, volunteering his time in the emergency relief program. Alan has developed a very good understanding of the local service system and is highly skilled in providing facilitated referrals for community members due to his relationships with other agencies and workers in the community.

Alan’s practice is very consultative, client centred, non-judgmental and culturally inclusive. He is a strong advocate who informs clients of all their rights, is respectful of their decisions and view’s a person as the best placed to assess their own circumstances and priorities.

Allan is well known within the local community, his reputation as easy going and non-judgmental means that he is frequently asked for by members of the community. Alan has made a significant contribution to his community through his reliability, commitment, passion, inclusive and gentle nature. For 10 years Alan has volunteered two days a week with extreme reliable attendance.

Helen Besley

CISVic & Diamond Valley Community Support

Helen was employed as a Trainer with CISVic in July 2006, and retired in September 2017. With a strong education background and own voluntary experience as a Community Support Worker, Helen was an ideal trainer. While at CISVic, Helen personally delivered over 30 training sessions of our accredited training program Community Support Workers Course to over 330 volunteers. The direct impact of this is evident – if those 330 volunteers helped just 2 clients per week over a 12-month period, that’s over 34,000 clients we’ve been able to assist as a direct result of her training. She also delivered countless sessions of non-accredited training programs.

During Helen’s time with us, she participated in at least 2 reviews and redevelopment of our accredited courses. She was a key contributor to the development and delivery of our energy hardship and tenancy rights training programs and other accredited training programs. Helen served on the CISVic training sub-committee – which directed and oversaw the training activities of the organisation, and she provided support to the CISVic team and overall operations of CISVic.

Those she works with and train know her to be a gentle, passionate, patient and caring person with a strong commitment to social justice. While her time with CISVic came to an end in 2017, Helen continues to volunteer at Diamond Valley Community Support where she has worked for around 16 years.

2017 Honour Roll Inductees

Sylvia Ramsden

Lilydale Assist

Sylvia’s CISVic journey began at Mentone CAB as volunteer looking after the information system and she joined Lilydale Assist in 1987 as an information officer. She was the perfect person for the job having a background as a librarian and the backing of her husband who was at the time lecturing at RMIT in information technology.

Getting Lilydale’s information system in order was a Herculean task but Sylvia took it on board, and in her efficient manner turned chaos into order. At that time, Lilydale’s information system was the talk of the sector and other agencies sought guidance and support in setting up their own systems. This also led to Sylvia being elected to CISVic’s information sub-committee, a role she held for a number of years.

Sylvia’s work has had broader impact – she’s been an active participant and secretary to the Yarra Valley ER Network. Throughout Sylvia has upheld to the highest degree the standards and policies of CISVIC, as well as making worthwhile contributions to forming the centre’s own policies in relation to management and administration of Lilydale Assist Inc.

We know Sylvia to be a calm and patient worker, whose diligence and commitment are commended by those who work with her while consistently demonstrating adherence to the CISVic standards.

Susan Pinchbeck

Darebin Volunteer Information Referral Service

Susan, a trained Community Support Worker delivers hundreds of hours of her time each year to assist vulnerable and disadvantaged people. During her 17 years with the agency, she’s continued to display commitment through the good times and the bad. The local community remains a key beneficiary of her work in the sector, working with some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Her agency and community commend Susan as a well-known and respected individual whose value and impact is not unnoticed. With such rich experience and skill, Susan plays an important role in mentoring and training new volunteers.

Susan consistently demonstrates a commitment to CISVic.

Sue, is recognised for consistently demonstrating a commitment to valuing the client’s right to access information, assistance and support without prejudice or judgement. Her approach in engaging clients is driven mainly by her strengths based practice and feedback from clients indicate that she is affective in building rapport and providing practical assistance to meet their needs. Sue is a remarkable team player who goes over and beyond in supporting her peers and the overall aims and objectives of DIVRS.

As a resident herself, Sue is committed to making a contribution to her own local community and has been successful in demonstrating this commitment by volunteering 17 years of her time, passion, loyalty and dedication to improving services and supporting DIVRS in addressing poverty and hardship.

John Fraser

Western Port Community Support

When John commenced working with Western Port 11 years ago the agency was located in a portable building and was a very small organisation both in a financial sense and in its actual physicality. In 2009 WPCS relocated to a new, larger, purpose-built facility which was instigated and driven in concept by John. The amount of fundraising required for such an upgrade was mammoth and John was solely instrumental in securing the majority of this revenue. John liaised extensively with the MP Shire and developed strong connections thus ensuring the agency’s expansion in its provision to the community.

The impact of John’s connections and ability to secure funding has been fundamental in the growth of the agency and the benefit to the marginalised community from this progression has been monumental. Without John’s passion, proficiency, and belief the agency would not be able to serve the community in the capacity it does today. John has developed a definite presence within the community arising from his strong connections with local organisation, churches, schools and philanthropic bodies. John is an active member of the Triple A Housing Group, the Mornington Peninsula Housing Committee and assisted in the formulation and ongoing support of the WRACIC group.

John is a strong advocate for social and welfare reform and his visionary ideas are evident in the work done within these committees and groups. John has been volunteering for a local community radio station hosting a well-known weekly radio program for a number of years and has also served on the station’s board as an executive committee member. Having also worked for over 7 years with the Salvation Army Crisis Centre John has developed an intrinsic and inherent understanding of the marginalised individuals and families in our community.

Both within the agency and in the broader community, John is recognised as honest and candid egalitarian whose perspective is both pragmatic and fair. His tireless work to make a real difference is people’s lives in the community is recognised and commended.

2016 Honour Roll Inductees

Joan Hill

Sunraysia Information and Referral Service

Joan joined SIRS in 1997 and has been a staunch supporter of the Agency since that time. She has taken on tasks as required and been an advocate for members of the community who are less fortunate than others.

Joan has been Honorary Secretary of the Committee of Management since 1999 and as well as keeping a record of the Committee Meetings, she compiles SIRS Annual Report every year. She has been the writer of many policy documents and was involved in the rewriting of the SIRS Constitution.

Another important task Joan undertakes is statistician for the agency and she is very precise with these records. Joan filed a nomination with Department of Health and Human Services on SIRS behalf for the Department of Health Volunteer Awards 2016 in the “Innovation improving the patient experience” section and SIRS was lucky enough to win. Joan works with the agency’s Treasurer to manage the Travel Fund to ensure clients who need to travel for specialist medical treatment can do so.

She does the follow up work with the DHHS department concerned with VPTAS (Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme) regulations and was instrumental in obtaining a contract with DHHS for $100,000 to run the Travel Program. Joan negotiates SIRS’ contract with Regional Express Airlines each year, so they are able to save money sending clients away for much needed medical treatment. Joan is always following the constitution and is very aware of the need to empower clients in making decisions for themselves.

Joan is the go-to lady for assisting clients to fill in Government forms and applications and understanding letters they have received. She is very prepared to advocate on behalf of the client with utility companies, Insurance companies and any others needed by the client. We welcome Joan into the CISVic Honour Roll.

Julie Yu


After 16 years as a Community Support Worker at Doncare, Julie’s commitment and passion for working with families and individual in financial hardship is still very evident.

Over that time, Julie has helped hundreds of people who present to Doncare. She has assisted people access funding to relieve hardship, listened to people in an empathetic manner and connected them to other vital services.

Julie speaks quite a few languages including Taiwanese and Mandarin and this is another gift that she can offer to the clients, who desperately wish to communicate their needs. Julie is the person everyone can go to because she has deep knowledge of processes and procedures but more than that, Julie is happy to share her knowledge and assist her CSW colleagues when they require help or are new to the agency. Julie always provides assistance with friendliness as well as efficiency and welcomes the diverse range of clients that present calmly and confidently.

Julie upholds the client’s right to be informed fully of their options and therefore empowers them to be involved in making choices about their own life. Julie is a true representative of the principles that Doncare and the community information and support sector strives to attain – providing an excellent service that meets the needs of the local community.

We welcome Julie into the CISVic Honour Roll.

Marilu Packer


Marilu Packer has worked at Doncare for 7 years as a community support worker, assisting the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the local community.

Marilu provides assistance to the diverse groups of people who present at Doncare with a positive outlook and a willingness to gain an understanding each individual’s situation. Marilu has also extended her work beyond the agency and is quite willing and able to make contact and develop links with other organisations and individuals in the community who can assist Doncare in its work. This has resulted in local businesses fundraising for Doncare, more people becoming aware of the agency and its work and inspiring others to volunteer as well. Inside and outside Doncare, Marilu makes a significant contribution in her local community.

Marilu is a positive champion of the services that Doncare and the community information and support sector provide- she believes passionately in the importance of such services and therefore what a difference they can make to local people. She welcomes all clients in the same friendly, respectful manner and upholds the principles of providing free, confidential, impartial, independent services and the rights of the clients to make informed choices. Marilu is a great example of the effect a positive contribution from just one person can make in their local community.

We welcome Marilu into the CISVic Honour Roll.

2015 Honour Roll Inductees

Vicki Martin

Community Support Frankston

Vicki has been associated with the CSF since 1982 as both a volunteer and in paid managerial positions. Her leadership, insight and drive have helped place CSF as a leading provider of information and support services in Victoria, particularly by her work in developing and sustaining comprehensive networks of individuals and organisations that share common interests with the CSF.

Vicki ensured that the CSF not only had the resources to undertake its functions but also the, policies and procedures that supported the smooth and efficient delivery of those services across the CSF catchment area. Vicki was instrumental in establishing the Frankston Volunteer Resource Centre and served as its Treasurer for many years. She also participated fully in the Westernport Regional Association of Community Information Centres that were of great value enabling the sharing of ideas and seeking solutions to mutual problems experienced by agencies.

Vicki’s contributions to the CSF and her community have also been recognised by her election to Life Membership of the CFS and by Rotary International via her awarding of the Paul Harris Fellowship. The Australian Government awarded Vicki the Centenary Medal in 2001.

Vicki is co-author of a highly acclaimed book on the provision of emergency relief. This high quality publication was purchased by the Australian Government for distribution to emergency relief agencies across the country.

Diane Lucas

Box Hill Citizens Advice Bureau

Over her time at the Box Hill CAB, Di has achieved significant change and growth for the bureau, especially in the new environment of reduced funding. In particular, Di re-vamped the emergency food arrangements by installing commercial food storage and establishing a foodbank of donated goods that has resulted in clients receiving far more food parcels than the previous food voucher system Di has introduced new and much needed HR process along with a proactive recruitment drive that has significantly improved the calibre and number of volunteers.

Other initiatives include partnerships with Monash University to provide free counselling services utilising experienced counselling students and accessing the CISVic HONOUR ROLL INDUCTEES 2015.

Governments “Work for the Dole” program to bring in needed skills, provide employment opportunities and support funding. These initiatives plus Di’s passion and strong advocacy skills have greatly raised the profile of the CAB to such a degree that a range of dignitaries, including the State Premier have visited the agency to observe how it carries out its role in support the community.

Judy Peake

Monash Waverly Community Information & Support

Judy has been a tireless worker in her local community and had held many key roles at the MWCIS over many years. These roles have not only included direct work with clients, but also as a committee member holding various roles including President and Emergency Relief Coordinator. In all these roles Judy would contribute countless extra hours.

Over the years Judy’s initiatives and new programs have greatly benefitted the clients in her local area on an ongoing basis. These include implementing a Tax Help service, organising fund raising initiatives such as the Charity Christmas Card initiative as well as being instrumental in implementing the agency’s standard services such as arranging vouchers, food parcels and other goods, and sourcing partners for these projects.

Judy is well known locally, particularly for her advocacy work as well as her many speaking engagements at private functions, organisations, churches, clubs and businesses. In these roles she has greatly raised the awareness of her agency and the needs in the community. She has been particularly effective in publicising the agency’s critical work.

Through this work, Judy has raised thousands of dollars as well as generated considerable material donations for the agency that have resulted in incalculable benefits to the local community.

Judy has also been recognised by:

  • City of Monash 2013 Senior of the Year
  • Sir John Monash Volunteer of the Year
  • Rotary Int. Paul Harris award for services to the community
  • Carolyn Chisholm Award for Community Service

2014 Honour Roll Inductee

Rosemary Farrow

Bayside Community Information Support Services

Rosemary was a member of the original committee that established the Sandringham CAB, now BayCISS and carried out two stints as President of the Committee of Management. Rosemary has also served on the Regional Committee and was a member of the State Publicity Committee of CAB’s.

Rosemary has been able to use her contacts to secure valuable financial support to carry out some highly effective programs for BayCISS clients. In particular her work with the local Rotary Club enabled vulnerable children to benefit from their attendance at the very highly regarded Portsea Children’s Camp during the school holidays. This included work included, over an extended period of time, entailed confidential liaison with potential families and making the necessary, and often complex, arrangements with them.

Rosemary has also worked to obtain funding for the BayCISS Education Support Program, as well as obtain funding for the purchase of swags for the homeless.
Rosemary’s work at the BayCISS centre, including her work with volunteers, has always been carried out in a professional manner and which reflects CISVic’s values, standards and rules.

Maureen Macer

Community Support Frankston

Maureen has had a close involvement with Community Support Frankston since 1989, initially as a volunteer and later as the Operations Coordinator, a demanding role she performed for many years. In carrying out her roles at the CSF Maureen had a very positive impact on the services provided by the agency, and in leading its volunteers. Maureen was frequently called to assume the Manager’s duties, in which role she made a major contribution toward strengthening CSF’s governance by developing practice and procedures that make the agency a leading provider of community assistance in the Frankston area.

Maureen’s untiring work at developing links between the many community organisations has resulted in a comprehensive and highly effective network of individuals and organisations providing quality community support services. These services also included the provision of Emergency Relief services for which Maureen has provided a high level administration support, liaison with other Emergency Relief agencies. In this role she undertook the considerable task of administering and distribution of Christmas hampers for the less-advantaged families across the Frankston region.

Maureen’s firm commitment to social justice values and equity, in addition to her ability to recruit, train and develop volunteers, have resulted in especially high levels of service being provided by CSF workers. In this way Maureen has influenced not only those she has trained and mentored, but contributed to the capability of Community Support Frankston to provide high quality services of their community.

Shirley Reeves

South Gippsland Citizens Advice Bureau

Since the inception of the South Gippsland Citizens Advice Bureau in 1978 Shirley has had a long and distinguished career at the Bureau. For many years she was the Bureau’s lynchpin in terms of training and development of staff and volunteers. In addition, Shirley had previously served as a Committee member, undertaking a 15 year stint on the Committee until 2010. She continues her service to the Bureau in her role as Social Secretary. Her wise counsel, highly developed training skills and commitment to the organisation have greatly contributed to advancing the work of the Bureau across the region.

Shirley continues her service to the Bureau as a trainer of new volunteers in addition to her other considerable volunteering roles in the local community.

2013 Honour Roll Inductees

Lis Guldager-Nielsen

Lilydale Citizens Advice Bureau

Lis is a foundation member of the Lilydale CAB when it was established in 1981 and has made major continuing contributions ever since, particularly in her role as Coordinator for the CAB. Lis is always looking for innovative ways to improve the services being provided to the community including production of her very professional pamphlets and information bulletins, and extending the range of services provided at Lilydale including a budget advice service.

Lis has mentored some fifty new volunteers and has guided them through their extensive training with CISVIC, providing follow-up support to the volunteers in her role as Coordinator. Lis also sets an example to her volunteers by providing the clientele with high quality, free, confidential and impartial advice that has enabled the diverse Lilydale clients to make their own decisions.

We acknowledge Lis’ major assistance in the development of CISVIC generally by contributions to the Management Committee of CIVIC in the 1990’s and her valuable work in networking and advocating for CIVIC with local, State and Federal MPs.

John Tame

Community Support Frankston

John has been a high effective volunteer, leader and innovator, particularly in the area of financial counselling in the Frankston community since the early 1980’s. His service as a member of the CSF Board, including a long stint as chair, has been influential in positioning CSF as a leading provider of community assistance in the region. John’s work as a member of the CISVIC sub-committee has also contributed greatly to development and revision of the CISVIC Constitution.

Over an extended period John has demonstrated a firm commitment to value of social justice and equity and has worked to ensure that services provided to the community adhere to the CISVIC values. John’s work with the CSF, various community reference groups and several other not-for-profit agencies resulted in his being awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2011. CISVic HONOUR ROLL INDUCTEES 2013-2

Hilary Hunt

Maryborough Community Information Centre

Hilary has been a tireless and enthusiastic volunteer (and later as President/Coordinator) for over 28 years at the Maryborough CIC. Information and support services she has provided have been delivered to a diverse range of visitors and residents in a compassionate and totally non-judgemental way. She has worked effectively to refer clients to other agencies to offer a raft of complementary services including aid and support to single mothers and their children, educational opportunities for disadvantaged young people. aid for refugees and secure accommodation for older persons.

Her participation and close involvement in community information matters at both regional and state level has resulted in her welcome other Community Information Centres to Maryborough with several highly successful Annual Conferences proudly hosted in Maryborough.

2012 Honour Roll Inductees

Rosemary Good

Monash Oakleigh Community Support & Information Service

Rosemary has worked with Monash Oakleigh for over 15 years and during that time has served both the community and the organisation – giving generously of her time to assist disadvantaged and marginalised members of the community with great respect.Within the organisation she has served as Secretary, President, Tax Help Worker & Coordinator and Training Officer.

Rosemary has also been a highly valued and respected trainer, working at bestchance to deliver our 50-hour accredited training course – training countless volunteers during that time. She has also served on CISVic’s Training Sub Committee.

Mollie Warren

Westernport Community Support

Mollie was a founding member of the Western Port Community support service in 1979 and has been volunteering there ever since then. Mollie has served as President, Vice-President, Secretary, and ordinary member on the Committee of Management while actively working with the clients of the service.

During the last 10 years she has extended her work with clients and become a Budget Support Worker. I can only imagine that over her 34 years she has provided information, advocacy and support to hundreds of clients. She is highly professional in her work and always willing to act in the best interests of the client.

Flo Stewart

Dandenong Citizens Advice Bureau

Flo’s involvement with the sector began with Sandringham CAB where she not only supported clients but became an accredited trainer and delivered high quality training to numerous volunteers. After moving to Dandenong in 1982, Flo commenced working with Dandenong CAB and as a skilled and respected team member for over 30 years she has a been an interviewer who has always maintained a respectful and supportive attitude to the people she has worked with and her colleagues.

During this time she also served on the Committee for 11 years. Flo has assisted hundreds of people in the community in many valuable ways which DCAB tell us are hard to measure and her input to both the agency’s and other local agencies has been beneficial to many. She has a strong sense of social justice and understands the difficulties people living in financial and emotional hardship experience, particularly for those who have recently arrived in Australia.

2011 Honour Roll Inductee

Meron Morrison

Box Hill Citizens Advice Bureau

Meron is one of the founding members of her agency and has been an active member since then. She is dedicated to helping others less fortunate. She works in a voluntary capacity as the agency coordinator 5 days per week overseeing the daily operations of the agency and ensuring that all things run smoothly.
She has built unique relationships with many clients of the agency and really gets to understand their lives and the problems they are experiencing. She is known as “The Face” of the agency.

Meron has demonstrated great resourcefulness in obtaining donations for the agency—whether it be food, money or other forms of assistance. She has developed excellent networks and has particularly good relationships with the local Centrelink office and the ATO.

Her work demonstrates adherence to the aim, policies and standards of the peak body. In the words of Box Hill CAB’s President, “She will be a hard woman to replace”. She has the respect of her peers and her commitment and contribution to the sector and her community is recognised here.

Lilian Ross

Maryborough Community Information Centre

Lilian was inducted posthumously as she sadly passed away in 2010. Lilian was a long-serving coordinator of the Maryborough CIC. She was devoted to the agency and a most generous and caring woman.
She worked with the CIC for over 20 years. During that time she was a constant source of ideas for the promotion of the agency and ways they could participate in local events. Prior to the agency receiving its recurrent grant from the local Shire Council, she helped with fundraising, often contributing goods for sale.

She organised regular press releases to the local media on a range of topics and new information from the CIC. Lilian arranged the Country Conferences of CICs when conducted locally and her good relationship with the Shire saw the Mayor and local councillors attend these events. She always promoted the CIC and its aim and arranged for a number of services to outreach at the agency including Consumer Affairs Victoria. In 1999 she was named Citizen of the Year and in 2003, received a Centenary Medal. Lilian saw the value of community participation and giving to others. She was quoted as saying that “without volunteering your services, a community will not survive, let alone thrive”.

Lilian was a regular face at the agency, working most days until sickness prevented her from attending and she passed away 2010.

Marie Shaw

Mt Alexander Community Information Centre

For more than thirty years Marie Shaw provided the solid, reliable guidance that steered the Mount Alexander Community Information Centre through an extended period of social need and change. As a long term volunteer and the coordinator, Marie ensured that the centre was able to provide a dependable service, accessed by many thousands of community members over the decades.

Thoroughly committed to the concepts of voluntarism and community service, she gave freely of her time, skills, and enthusiasm, to guarantee that the Mt Alexander CIC remained a beneficial, productive, and active participant in the life of the community. Her continuous presence in the office, five days per week, guaranteed a service delivery that transcended the inevitable fluctuations in availability of volunteers and committee members.

Marie was very much the public face of the agency and represented the CIC at numerous AGMs, conferences, and public forums. She worked tirelessly to promote the CIC both as a functioning entity and as a concept worthy of support and development.

Marie held fast to the concepts and values of CIVic. She prided herself in delivering an objective, non-judgemental, friendly and welcoming service and was committed to identifying client needs, and delivering an appropriate outcome.